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Housing Insecurity by the numbers

To qualify for an affordable housing unit, a family must meet the income requirements set by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

One must also meet certain credit requirements, have a criminal background check, and submit rental history to the Lancaster County Housing Authority. The Authority administers the Section 8 and the county’s Public Housing programs.

To qualify for an affordable housing unit, a family may earn 80% or less of the medium income of county residents. The medium income in Lancaster County is $67,800, and 80% of that is $54,240. Some 57% of Lancaster County families earn $54,240 or less and could qualify for affordable housing.

Meanwhile, there is no shortage of “market-rate” housing developments slated to be built throughout the county over the next few years.

Here are the municipalities in Lancaster County that have affordable housing units; how many housing units are available in that municipality; and what percentage there are compared to the total number of units in that municipality:

· 80 in Akron, or 7% of 1,788 total units;

· 20 in Bird-in-Hand, or 1% of the 1,636 units;

· 200 in East Lampeter Township, or 3% of 5,883 units;

· 150 in Elizabethtown, or 3% of 5,311 units;

· 120 in Ephrata, or 2% of 4,973 units;

· 1,100 in Lancaster City, or 8% of 14,179 units;

· 70 in Lititz, or 2% of 3,269 units;

· 110 in Manheim, or 3% of 3,282 units;

· 75 in Marietta, or 6% of the 1,262 units;

· 90 in Mount Joy, or 3% of the 2,633 units;

· 50 in New Holland, or 3% of 1,819 units;

· 40 in Paradise, or 2% of 1,788 units;

· 60 in Quarryville, or 3% of 1,811 units;

· 90 Strasburg, or 4% of 2,019 units; and

· 30 in Willow Street, or 2% of units.

To get yourself on a long waiting list for affordable housing, visit the Lancaster County Housing Authority web site.

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