Looking for a change?

We’re looking for Realtors that value honesty and integrity in all their dealings.

If you’re the kind of agent that prefers:

  • Autonomy (the ability to do their work at home or out in the community); 

  • A solid commission structure that benefits you;

  • No desk fees, monthly fees or franchise fees that bog down your monthly budget; 

  • The support of a progressive brokerage that takes care of your E&O insurance and provides support for your business goals.

Here at LancLiving, our agents don’t view each other as competition. In fact, we pride ourselves in our “no drama” working environment. We work together for our clients as a team.  

If your goal is to make as much money off your clients as possible without any regard for retaining their future business, then LancLiving is not for you. 

Instead, if your goal is to build a solid business relationship with your clients, their friends, and family, and to be viewed as a well-intentioned and knowledgeable real estate professional, then, LancLiving Realty is the agency for you.

For more information and to set up a time to talk, contact LancLiving’s broker, John Spidaliere, at 717-425-9892 or by email at john@lancliving.com.